This site is a showcase for
my digital art, photography,
hand drawn art, and contains
some links to some of my
favorite sites and other
areas of interest.

Remember, these images are 
actually in much higher 
resolution and are for sale.
See 1st page for
ordering information.
These pages may take a 
while to load due to the 
resolution of the images.
More is coming soon--
my ealier art, more current
art, a Pink Floyd page,

Check back soon for more!


PDI Electronics for Telecommunications: This is the company I slave for-some of my art is at this site
Apple Computer: my favorite computer
MacAddict Magazine: Great Publication with cool downloads
Paul Kramer's Realty Page: My Father's information on his Realty Business Best Site for shareware & more.
The Electronic Postcard: Send someone a free online postcard.
Wizards of the Coast: For all you Magic:TG players out there
HOTBOT: Best search engine on the web--in my humble opinion.
Bryce Homepage: The program that makes much of my srt possible.
Eon Magazine: A new Sci-Fi Magazine site.
SciFi Weekly: A great Magazine site for many topics.
Okinawa Pyramid Site: Find out about a 10,000 year old pyramid found of the Coast of Okinawa! Not Publisized!!
Tools For Exploration: A great place to order mind machines and other healthful/spiritual items
Weather Channel: Find out your local US weather and forcast
Illuminati Online: A webserver and list of links for those who "know"
The Boris Vallejo Gallery: One of my favorite fantasy artist.
The Boogiebaby Archive: A starting point for sites dedicated to that Baby from FOX's Ally McBeal
SCRIBE List of Events: A calendar of Medival Fairs
DORMANART: THE ART OF DAVE DORMAN: An artist who specializes in StarWars & Aliens Art

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